When It Comes to Quality & Service, Count on Yavapai Bottle Gas in Yavapai County.

At Yavapai Bottle Gas, we have been committed to our customers and to customer service since opening in October of 1987. Back then, no other propane company wanted to deliver to smaller propane tanks and RVs so Yavapai Bottle Gas was created to fill that niche of the market.

We started with a one-ton pickup truck with a 500 gallon tank mounted on it. It would pump around 20 gallons per minute.

Now we have six propane delivery trucks. Our largest holds 6,000 gallons and has a mass flow meter and pump that can deliver around 70 to 80 gallons per minute. We also have four boom trucks to set up and deliver tanks for any new tank sets we get. We also have an 11,500 gallon propane transport to bring our propane to us from locations throughout the state.

We like to say we don’t ask you what day you want a tank set, we ask you what time you want it. Our propane storage yards in Yavapai County and Chino Valley, AZ help us efficiently service our many new and existing customers.

Today we deliver to all sizes of tanks; we pump over a million gallons a year to our customers in Yavapai County. We still service RV customers along with the residential, rancher, and commercial customers.

We offer degree day routing and “keep full” programs so you never have to worry about running out of gas.

Yavapai Bottle Gas is located in Yavapai County. We have eight trustworthy and hardworking full-time employees who are ready to help you. Call us today at 928-776-9007 to talk with one of our helpful propane specialists.

Yavapai Bottle Gas
2170 N Concord Dr #B
Dewey, AZ 86327