Important Information for Propane Safety in Yavapai County.

You Get Convenience and Energy Cost Savings with Propane

That’s why millions of homes, farms, and businesses choose propane for heating, water heating, motor fuel, and other uses.

As a valued customer, we want you to know how to properly use propane, a flammable fuel that may explode if not properly handled.

For Your Safety, Propane Has an Odor Added So You Can Detect Leaks

You and each member of your household must recognize the smell of propane. Ask your technician to demonstrate its odor. If anyone in your household cannot smell propane, or if it smells weak, call us immediately.

Because propane is heavier than air, it will collect at floor level. Carefully smell at floor level and in low spots to check for propane.

What to Do If You Smell Gas or Suspect a Leak

  1. Put out all smoking materials and any other open flames.
  2. Do not operate any appliances, switches, or thermostats.
  3. Get everyone outside and away from gas equipment.
  4. Shut off the gas supply using the shut-off valve at the tank or cylinder.
propane use diagram
  1. Call your propane supplier from your neighbor’s phone if you smell gas in the house.
  2. Stay outside and leave the gas off until the leak has been found and fixed.

Your Propane System and Appliances Have Built-In Safety Features

Help keep your system working:

  • Don’t allow unqualified personnel to service your propane system or appliance.
  • Don’t tamper with gas controls on appliances.
  • Don’t let your system run out of propane.
  • Call a professional to service wet or flooded appliances and controls immediately.

Some Suggest the Propane Odor Can Fade or Be Covered Up By Other Strong Odors

  • Do not light pilot lights in areas where there are strong odors—completely ventilate the area first.
  • Call a qualified technician to relight pilots or carefully follow the equipment manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Repeated pilot outages could indicate a hazardous condition. Don’t attempt to relight the pilot—call your serviceman.


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